> Instant Coffee

Kopiko offers only the best quality products to consumers. it is afforded this luxury by hand-picking the best ripe coffee beans and ensuring only the highest quality throughtout the end to end process in the making of its products.

Kopiko prides itself on being Your Coffee Specialist. Beyond the expertise of simply making coffee and understanding that consumers are looking for other attributes including aroma, taste, flavour, and creaminess, it strives to make perfect blends that delight from the first moment of consumption and all day long.

Made from the perfect blend of premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Kopiko 3inONE has been created for those who prefer a strong and aromatic taste, while Kopiko Brown Coffee is made from natural palm sugar has a more unique, full-bodied flavour that offers a healthier option. The recently introduced Kopiko L.A.Coffee is a low coffee mix made from a special formula with high quality coffee beans, prepared under a controlled roasting process that is easier on your stomach.

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> Candy

Made from the extraction of real coffee beans, you can enjoy the authentic, great taste of real coffee in a candy anytime, anywhere. A great “pocket coffee” to wake you up when you are on the go.

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> Chocolate

Children loves this great chocolate paste that gives great chocolatey taste and longer fun. Made from real chocolate, it also offers chocomilk and chococashew. Enjoy Choki Choki on its own, or squeezed it as toppings on your bread, crackers, fruits and ice-cream. Choki-choki makes a fun treat for the kids.

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> Butter Cookies

Savour every bite of the European butter cookies, that is made from high quality, premium natural butter and baked in traditional European butter cookies recipe. Danisa Butter Cookies has 5 variants. They are Harvest Moon, Butter Pretzel, Sugar Slice, Vanilla Ring and Currant Crunch.

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> Biscuit

Enjoy a range of delicious, wholesome, great tasting biscuits for you and family. Serve it in the morning, afternoon and evening with a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage. Enjoy the many choices of biscuits such as wafer, jam-filled and more.
Made from high quality ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals, it is a healthier choice for you and family.
Start your day with these wholesome biscuits or have it for snack or coffee in the afternoon and evening.

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